Legit Baseball Boot CampNew for 2014! Legit Baseball Boot Camp is daily program for developing player skill at all levels, for players aged 6-17. This dedicated program provides a positive environment for players to learn and hone their baseball skills. Our coaches work to improve the individual skills of each player as well as advance their skill-based training in combination with game play.

With the instructional resources we have and knowledge of game strategies and game management, we can further develop a player’s baseball abilities. Individual skill instruction administrated by our coaching staff (throwing, hitting, fielding, base running, and pitching) provides players with the tools necessary for the next level of play.

Legit Baseball Boot Camp’s coaches are selected for their expertise and experience in baseball and for their passion and commitment to working with young athletes. Through guiding and supporting the player as they practice together, our coaches help players develop both their skills and values.

Legit Baseball Boot Camp