Legit Baseball NJLegit Baseball Club is a premier youth baseball organization focusing on player development at the highest skill level. Playing for Legit is a privilege and comes with many benefits, such as year-round player development training, playing in many tournaments (and winning), and the application of the latest technology to hone skills on a game-by-game basis.

Legit Baseball Club is committed to providing our players with the best training, support and encouragement, with the goal of preparing the players for a higher level of college or major league baseball.

Our coaches are also committed to providing a positive environment for our young men, with a strong foundation based on teamwork, goodwill, sportsmanship and hard work.

Legit Baseball Club is more than a team; we are a program. We develop players from a young age, preparing them for the next level of baseball and showcasing their talents to our network of professional and colligate baseball scouts.

If you would like more information about Legit, or would like to recommend a player to us, please contact us using the form HERE.